A Kurdish prisoner named Garibe Gezer reportedly took her own life on December 9 after spending several months in solitary confinement at the Kandıra F Type prison in Kocaeli province.

Late in October, Turkish media reported that she was sexually harassed by a group of prison guards.

Gezer reportedly told her sister, Asya Gezer, that she was put in a padded cell where she was stripped in front of male guards, beaten, sexually harassed and left without medical treatment. The prison cell she was in had no proper toilet and thus she was made to use a hole in the ground.

Speaking to the Gazete Duvar news portal, Eren Keskin, a human rights activist, said that the “cell is two to three meters long and fully covered in leather. It was monitored by a camera 24 hours a day, there were feces all over the room, and the smell of urine and feces was unbearable. There was only a hole in the room for a toilet and it could be seen by the camera.”