A piece of napkin that was leaked from Turkey’s Şanlıurfa prison has revealed that ten female teachers, one dentist and one housewife have been held in degrading prison conditions for months on terror and coup charges.

According to the Bold news, the arrestees have repeatedly been denied medical care although some of them suffer from deterioration in their overall health due to an insufficient intake of nutrition and water, mental and physical fatigue caused by the poor living environment.

The leaked napkin reportedly revealed the following information:

– Handan Tunç: in prison for one year. She has a 2,5-year-old daughter.  She is a teacher of mentally handicapped children. She is convicted.

– Özlem Uğurlu: A Turkish-language teacher. She had an heart attack [in prison]. She has one kid. She has been in prison for over 2,5 years. Her husband is also in prison. He suffers from panic attack.

– Esengül Bilgin: In prison for two years. She is convicted. Her husband is also in prison.

– Hediye Kazan: A religious culture and moral knowledge teacher. She is convicted. In prison for over 2 years.

– Pembe Erguvan Karabaş: A dentist. In prison for over 10 months. She suffers from bipolar disorder. her husband is also in prison. She has two kids.

– Rümeysa Güngör: In prison for 2 years. Convicted. She is a child development specialist.

– Betül Arga: A primary school teacher. In prison for one month.

– Nilgün Teselli: She has three kids. She is “almost always” unconscious. Her mother is very old. Her kids are left unattended. Her husband is also in prison.

– Fatma Duraker: A housewife. She loses consciousness every single day. She has a 6-year-old kid.

– Derya Bozkurt. A Turkish-language teacher. She has 4 kids. Her husband is also in prison. Kids are left unattended.

– Leyla Altın: A Biology teacher. She has three kids. The youngest kid is staying with her mother in prison.

– Ayşe Tolay: A History Teacher: Husband is also in prison. Convicted. In prison for 2 years. Their two kids are all alone.