A photo of Orhan İnandı, a Kyrgyz educator who has been in prison in Turkey since early July 2020, surfaced Friday, showing him with a broken arm in a plaster cast on a white background.

His wife said in a tweet that he was tortured and his right arm broken in three places by Turkish security officers.

İnandı, who was the founder and director of the prestigious Sapat school network operating in Kyrgyzstan, went missing on May 31. ıt was later revealed that he was abducted by the Turkish intelligence due to his alleged links to the Gülen group, and was later brought to Turkey over accusations of establishing and leading “a terrorist organization.”

Since 2016, tens of Turkish nationals were abducted and rendered to Turkey by the Turkish intelligence over alleged links to the Gülen group, which Ankara accuses of orchestrating a failed coup in 2016. The group denies any connection with the abortive putsch.