Turkish businessman and activist Osman Kavala turns 61 in İstanbul’s notorious Silivri Prison where he has been held in pre-trial detention since November 2017 on terror and coup charges.

Artists, academics and activists gathered in various cities around the world to celebrate Mr. Kavala’s birthday.

Detained upon his arrival to İstanbul’s Atatürk airport late on Oct 18, Kavala is accused of “attempting to abolish the constitutional order” and “attempting to remove the government of the Turkish Republic,” according to media.

Media also said Kavala has been under investigation in the same probe that led to the jailing of US consulate employee Metin Topuz over alleged ties to Turkey’s Gulen group on Oct 4, 2017.

Turkish government accuses the group of masterminding the July 15, 2016 coup attempt while the latter denies involvement.

Osman Kavala’s family members, colleagues, and friends in Cezayir with a banner stating “Happy Birthday Osman Kavala, Wish you many more free years together”

Artists that were gathered in London, wishing Osman Kavala a happy birthday and many more free years together…

On 28 September 2018, a symposium titled “What We Can Do When There’s Nothing to be Done: Strategies for Change” was organized to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Columbia University, Center for the Study of Social Difference and the fifth anniversary of the “Women Creating Change” program in the new forum building of the Columbia University.

See more at: https://www.osmankavala.org/en/statements-about-osman-kavala/484-osman-kavala-ya-nice-ozgur-yillar-dilekleri-2 

Mr. Kavala was born in 1957 in Paris and studied economics at the University of Manchester. Upon his father’s passing in 1982, he took over the management of the Kavala Companies.

He was active in the establishment of a number of business organizations in Turkey, including Turkish-Polish and Turkish-Greek business councils and the Association of Tourism Investors.