A Turkish insurance company would not provide service to a customer on the basis that he/she is suspected of ties to the Gulen movement, according to social media.

The Twitter account @tutsakavukatt shared the screenshot of an error message the customer reportedly faced when trying to get a quote for car insurance.

“Quote is not produced since you are in the Risky Insurance Customer List. Please contact head office. SubCategoryExplanation: FETO,” the error message read.

The company’s name was not revealed at the time of writing.

The Twitter account saw it a type of discrimination against those suspected of ties to the Gulen movement which the Turkish government says a terrorist organization, blaming it for the July 15, 2016 failed coup.

The movement denies involvement in the coup.

On some occasions earlier, pro-government shopkeepers in some provinces hung banners on their premises reading: “Gulen sympathizers not allowed inside.”

Renee Vaugeois, a Canadian human rights specialist who works as the executive director of the Edmonton-based John Humphrey Centre for Peace & Human Rights, told Canada’s state-run CBC news in 2017: “This a targeted war on a specific group of people in Turkey and to me that speaks to genocide.”