Şaban Koçal, a Turkish refugee in Germany, has been waiting for official papers to reunite in Greece with his family, including a 5-year-old son, Nail, who has been diagnosed with leukemia.

According to journalist Cevheri Güven, writing on Twitter, Nail Koçal had been in İstanbul’s Bakırköy Prison with his mother last year. After their release by a court, mother Birgül Koçal and her two sons fled to Greece.

Father Şaban Koçal, in the meantime, had sought asylum in Germany.

“Nail got the know the prison conditions when he was only 4. He was not even allowed to play with his toys. What he and his mother get through is like a part from a novel. They went to Greece to seek asylum following their release after a long period of arrest,” Guven said.

“Immediately after their request for a family reunification was approved and they received the required documents, while Birgül Kocal and her two children were preparing to leave [Greece] for Germany, purple spots started to appear on Nail’s body. The initial [leukaemia] diagnosis was put by Turkish doctor, also a refugee, in Greece.”

After Şaban Koçal was granted asylum, he applied for family reunion, which was also approved some time ago; however, the paperwork has not yet been finished.

Nail Koçal is now in a Greek hospital undergoing chemotherapy, while Şaban Koçal is still waiting for travel documents to visit his son.

Güven appealed on Twitter to authorities and people who could help reunite the family.