When a 7-year-old boy finally got to see his imprisoned father again, cameras were rolling, and so were the tears.

According to a video footage posted by a twitter account, a Turkish man who was put in pre-trial detention on terror and coup charges in early 2017, has recently been released on pending trial.

The reunion between the man and his son was captured on camera and the result is, well, pretty darn emotional.

TurkeyPurge editors cannot verify the authenticity of the video. However, many other videos showing similar reunions of purge-victim family members have been circulating nationwide since late 2017. See: https://turkeypurge.com/watch-emotional-reunion-son-journalist-father-174-days-turkish-prison, https://turkeypurge.com/watch-emotional-reunion-of-mother-two-sons-after-8-months-in-turkish-prison-on-coup-charges