A government appointed trustee, tasked to run Van’s Edremit Municipality, has built public toilets on an Armenian cemetery in the district, the proKurdish Dİhaber news portal reported on Tuesday.

The report claimed that the bones from the cemetery were scattered after the toilets were installed on the site. 24 graves were discovered around the mound and the area where the graves were found was reported to be settled by Armenians in the past.

The mound, where historic artifacts dating to 3000 B.C. were found, was damaged by construction of the changing rooms and toilets.

The toilets were built several days after a beach was opened on July 23 by Van trustee Murat Zorluoğlu and Edremit Municipality trustee Atıf Çiçekli who were both appointed by government as part of an ongoing crackdown against Kurdish politicians.