Zilan Aldatmaz, co-mayor of Van’s Saray district, has gotten her ring finger broken during a debate with wardens in an Elazığ Prison where she is held over terror charges.

Arrested on Nov 1, 2016 on charges of membership to a terrorist organization, Aldatmaz was battered during a brawl with prison guards, her lawyer Resul Aslan told Dihaber on Aug 10.

Aslan said the debate started when prison guards entered the holding cell and called the inmates to line up to be counted, but that some prisoners on the higher floor didn’t follow suit instantly.

A prisoner was not able to descend immediately as she was praying her prayers, Aslan said.

“We have our means to get you down,” guards are reported to have said and they started to attack the prisoners, Aslan added. The lawyer maintained that 40 guards entered the dormitory and attacked the prisoners.

Underlining that Aldatmaz was particularly targeted, Aslan stated: “My client Zilan Aldatmaz was injured from his left arm when guards threw her down the stairs, and ring finger on the left hand was broken. There also bruises on some parts of her body.”

Turkish government has recently stepped up its pressure against Kurdish provinces, jailing mayors of several districts and pro-Kurdish party members across the country.