A group of 30 people attacked a Women’s Day event at Bilgi University with witnesses reporting that some of the attackers were carrying knives on their hands.

The group broke into the the university’s Santral Istanbul campus and headed to the tents established as part of an event to mark the Women’s Day on March 8. Some also reportedly chanted slogans including “Allahu Akbar” during the attack.

Birgün daily reported injuries while Turkey-based platform, Women of the Earth (Yeryüzü Kadınları) said in a statement: “We’ll bring to account this male group of 30-40 people who have attacked women with ‘Allahu Akbars’ and the mentality that blocks streets to us.”

Bilgi University students reacted harshly to the attack, complaining to lecturers and the rector that their previous complaints were ignored regarding similar concerns.

“Is it our responsibility to ensure safety of our lives?” one student yelled at the rector and an accompanying lecturer in rage.