New video leaks have shown that police tried every means to disperse followers of the Furkan foundation, a social-religious civic society group known for its critical stance against the government, while celebrating the Holy Birth of the Prophet Muhammad in Adana province on Saturday.

A 55-second video footage, a female police officer tries to uncover a head-scarfed woman pulling her hijab behind while the woman yells: Leave it!

Meanwhile, another group of police officers are seen firing pepper gas right onto the faces of female Furkan members from a close range.


In another video, widely shared on social media, police officers hit Furkan members with their batons after a quarrel although the latter stand still in a civil disobedience.


A third video, in the meantime, shows that a female police office kick at an already-handcuffed man, who was forced to lay down on the ground after police detained him.