Fatma Turan, a 44-year-old nurse who was dismissed under Turkey’s post-coup purge of state institutions, has been working at a tobacco farm to earn her family’s living.

Turan was removed from her job along with her husband Özdemir Aydin, also a hospital worker, under a post-coup emergency decree. They were both detained in police operations in early this year. While she was released after 11 days under custody, her husband has been kept in pre-trial detention for the past 9 months.

Like many other post-coup victims, Turan, too, indispensably switched her career path despite her 21 years of experience in nursing.

“I earn our living by growing tobacco,” Turan told Duvar online news portal. Adding that she is the only person left to look after her two children –one of them has 100 percent visual impairment– after Özdemir’s jailing, Turan underlined that she is happy because she “did not obey the government.”

Turkey survived an abortive coup on July 15, 2016 after which the government launched an all-out war against the dissidents in the country, especially the Gülen movement, Kurdish minority and academics from many different backgrounds. More than 120,000 people have been detained and 55,000 were put in pre-trial arrest since July 15, 2016. Meanwhile, at least 150,000 individuals have lost their jobs.