Ballot box official Melisa Yet has ended up with a fractured neck as she was attacked by whom she calls the ruling Justice and Development Party’s youth members during Apr 16 referendum.

Yet argued during the vote counting that one of the Yes votes should be considered invalid as the voting slip had a slight mark on it.

“I was an official observer. …We opposed to the validity of this particular vote. Then we put it on a vote of the observer delegate in compliance with the presiding officer’s suggestion. This Yes vote was declared invalid after our voting. …Then, a group of 50 people started attacking us. Student desks, bottles and lots of other stuff were thrown on us. I fell to the ground after I got a kick on my back. Meanwhile, I was hit by a school desk and there was a severe bleeding on my head. …Then I blacked out,” Yet told media.

Worked at the İMKB Vocational High School in Istanbul’s Kartal district until she was injured, Yet said the attackers were members of the AK Party’s youth members registered to its local branch in Kartal.

A constitutional reform package seeking to introduce an executive presidency in Turkey was approved by 51.4 percent of the voters in Sunday’s referendum.